Blogging Again

I’ve been camping on this URL for a few years now (I think 7) and now I figured out what I’m going to use it for. This is my broadcast to the world.

I am a reluctant internet-socializer and I just need a place to write stuff.
I’m not into Twitter, but I do like posting pictures on Instagram.
I quit using Facebook last year.
MySpace days are long gone.
I did a travel blog in 2006 and a fitness blog in 2020.

I’m excited that I can just do whatever I want here on this blog and use it to launch new ideas, announce new projects, make art, or whatever. I’d rather meet people the old-fashioned way and produce my creative works in tangible formats (such as films or books), but this will be a fun place just to write for the sake of self-expression.

Birthday Party

I turn 40 years old in 2 weeks on February 18th and here’s the update:

I’m having a birthday party at the Woolley Market in Sedro-Woolley, WA on February 18th, 2022 from 6-9pm, if the Almighty Creator is willing to let me live to see it.

There will be food and live music. That’s all I can say for now.

What else is new?

I work as a Producer for Integral Management Inc. We do film, video & photography production; event management; and artist management. I’m in charge of the Production department. That’s about all I’m going to tell you about that. Write me an email to if you’d like to discuss utilizing our services.

I have a health & fitness coaching business. I do this out of my home gym and online, in a kind of hybrid model using Individual Design Coaching. Smart, Fit, and Clean is based on a philosophy that we can democratize super-humanity; that every human being possesses the power to elevate their mind, body, and spirit beyond “health” or “fitness” and into a higher level. The mission is to use exercise, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle behaviors to teach people how to be more authentic, autonomous, and actualized. “Saving the world one healthy lifestyle at a time.”

I have a new documentary film in production. Reach For The Rings 2 tells the story of the International Functional Fitness Federation surviving through the COVID pandemic and continuing to forward the mission of placing the sport of Functional Fitness into the Olympic Games. I traveled to both Sweden and Egypt last year to film for it. I am also incorporating crowd-sourced footage, graphics, and photography created by numerous organizations and individuals from around the world. If you don’t know about the iF3, go check it out.

I released a documentary feature film in May of 2021. Reach For The Rings tells the story of the IF3 World Championships in Malmo, Sweden in 2019 and introduces viewers to the sport of Functional Fitness. This film is currently available on a LOT of platforms, so please go watch it.

My first documentary release is still available. True Born African, tells the story of Winston “Flames” Jarrett, Reggae pioneer and Seattle transplant. I made this film in 2011 & 2012 when I traveled with Winston to Jamaica and filmed some interviews with him in Seattle. We have about 400 special edition double DVD boxed sets of the film that include a live concert disc of Winston playing with the Yogoman Band at Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle.

I opened a Rastafari Community Development Office in Mombasa, Kenya. This was in response to a charge given to me more than a decade ago by Ras Simba to create a Rastafari community library. We have the space rented and the bookshelves built. The next step is painting the interior, exterior, and doors with a series of colorful murals celebrating His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie the First, African Liberation, the nation of Kenya, and the natural glory of the African continent. In the future, this office will house a community library, a networking hub, and a shop for local Rastafari arts and crafts.

I‘m digging through old video tapes. I have another project in the works called Fools Die, involving some 20+ year-old VHS tapes I recorded when I was living in Seattle. This is very early stages, but I have posted some nostalgic Seattle hardcore shows to YouTube.

My band Rural Discipline… hasn’t done anything in a few years, but we still have our music up on Bandcamp if you want to give that a listen. We have a multi-tracked, mixed demo from 2015 and a “live demo” from 2014 that’s a lot rougher. We played some live shows at the time, but have been dormant since our guitarist joined the Fire Department.

New Email Signature

I decided to update my email signature because I might be writing you an email, but you wouldn’t know what I have going on. Here’s all my names, titles, contact info, websites, and Instagram pages. Let’s stay in touch.

Nic Nakis 

Nicholas John Nakis Amha Selassie 

Filmmaker | Fitness Coach | Family Man








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Nicholas |nik-uh-luhs| n. a male given name: from Greek words meaning "victory of the people" John |jon| n. a male given name: from Hebrew Yohanan, derivative of Yehohanan "God has been gracious" Nakis |nah-kis| n. a Greek family name derived from the patronymic ending -akis (from Crete) Amha |am-hah| n. an Ethiopian given name meaning "gift", from Geez Selassie |suh-la-see| n. Ethiopian name meaning "trinity", from Geez

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